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Interior architecture and furniture design from Denmark


I am David Ritter alias designritter.com and I do interior architecture and design.

I grew up in southern Germany, where I started to get in touch with design and woodwork. Over the years, I have developed a great experience in both designing numerous types of furniture and carrying out various architectural projects.


In 2012, I founded designritter.com in Copenhagen and since 2015 I am based in Snekkersten, nearby Helsingør, where I have my office and my showroom.


I am fascinated by up-cycling and ecological products, in particular OSB (oriented strand board). To take advantage of such materials is challenging and inspiring at the same time when it comes to create unique furniture and original designs. All products are a local product from Denmark, hand made by myself, and customised to meet the clients specific requirements.


If you are interested in wood furniture and individual home solutions, renovation, and remodelling give me a call or write me an e-mail.





David Ritter

Diploma Engineer    

Interior Architecture


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