Throughout my life I was always interested in design and architecture. After having finished my studies of interior architecture in Germany I have moved to Copenhagen to live in Nørrebro together with my Danish girlfriend.


My own office, showroom and gallery in Nørrebro

As a German interior architect and designer I was eager to start my professional career and therefore I decided to open my own business. Hence My office and showroom (and since recently also gallery) in Copenhagen is now open!


If you need a solid design solution for your home you can either come visit and have a coffee with me on Prinsesse Charlottes Gade 41 Nørrebro and or contact me.


I focus on interior architecture, product design,
and creative and sustainable concept development

My strengths and specific skills are listed at the end of my CV. During my studies my favorite projects were product design (see my office_furniture in my design portfolio) as well as creating houses or concepts in consideration of environmental sustainability. My final project was thus a small house in Greece, apothiki, run on renewable energy resources (shown in my architecture portfolio).


While making an internship at Polyform Architects in Copenhagen in 2008 I got a first impression of architecture and design work in Denmark. (You will see me credited under these two projects: Church house in Fløng and Ishøj Library.)


I hope you will enjoy my website - please contact me if you want an unbinding offer on work done in your home.


I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

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quick contact info

david [at]

[0045] 30 27 77 37






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