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I am David Ritter alias "designritter" and I do interior architecture and design.

I studied in Mainz, Germany, interior architecture and finished in Nov. 2010 as Dipl. Engineer.


My origin and the area where I grew up is South Germany, where I started to get in touch with design and woodwork. I was working for Volki (die holzfabrik) a carpenter who did many different kinds of work like completing house renovations to kitchen design.

I have many years of experience in both designing and carrying out projects.

I moved to wonderful Copenhagen in 2010 and decided to start my own business.

In August 2012 I opened my new office and showroom in Copenhagen, Prinsesse Charlottesgade 41. I renovated it by myself following the standards for low energy meaning - good isolation and only led lights/lamps. In 2015 we have moved production to Helsingør and therefore the office in Copenhagen is closed.


Read more about me and how I work and see my curriculum vitae by clicking through the menu on the left.


Under Post Card you can see how in 2011 I turned getting a job into a project.


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